Friday, May 4, 2012

Wild Apple Tree in Spring

Hunched old Granny Apple 
has been knitting a new green shawl,
switching needles she embroiders
blossoms in amaranth and rose.


  1. I love this poem; so beautiful, "the new green shawl."

  2. Thank you, everyone! I'll give Granny Apple your greetings. She's a gnarled, lopsided old apple tree of undetermined species that has had no pruning or other care in many years, and maybe never. I suspect she was a wild seedling from the random way she stands at the top side of an unused pasture. Her trunk and larger branches are twisted and many are bare and broken. Interestingly, there are more dead branches on the windward side, so when she leafs out it really does look like a shawl or cloak blowing a bit in the prevailing wind.