Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mindful Hydration

From prayer position, breathing deep
my hands arc slowly into outstretched
upturned bowls pausing to receive,
slowly release the lung stretching breath
slowly arc through the hands returning.
When my hands touch I notice
wrinkled finger tips, tight dry palms.
The old cobalt blue bottle is warm 
against my lips, the sun sweetened water 
glurp glurp glurps onto my tongue and
slides down, slides down, slides down.
I replace the cork, reposition my feet
right by that knothole
left three boards over,
watch out for that splinter,
bend the knees.
Now.  Begin again. 


  1. So aware - nice one.

  2. so vivid. I feel as if I have done it with you. :)